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Who is A Christian Star?

“The gospel must first be preached to all the nations”. Mark 13:10

A Christian Star is an non-denominational ministry whose aim is to raise a new generation of believers that understand that it does not matter where you come from, your life story or current situation; Jesus loves you. A generation that is hungry for a true relationship with the king. Our mission is to develop believers who understand that social effect is needed to help the poor, needy and rejected. A generation that understands that faith can move mountains that prayer is an absolute that grace & forgiveness can cover all and through everything all of our imperfections are made perfect by Him. A Christian Star invites you to be part of our journey, tune in to see our life changing testimonials on YouTube, listen to our weekly podcast and blogs on social media and at our website. Listen to the word of God speak to you and transform your life.

Thank you for joining us in this amazing journey, God Bless!